30 minutes to report to work III.4
Absence Notification XI
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance XIII.2
Appeal to the grievance procedure fifteen (15) days I.5
Arbitration procedure VII.3d
Automatic progression III.3
Bail/compensation in connection with
faithful discharge of duties IX.5
Basis for advancement VI.5
Bidding to higher pay classification
Minimum $.25 increase III.10A
Breaks III.1
Breaks in seniority VI.6
Call outs II.2
Call out pay III.4
“Change in Mode of Operation” III.3
Child care exclusion III.9
Classifications: Job Description List VI.6
Closed Shop II.1
Collectors vacation pay rate IV.8
Commercial and industrial service work III.9
Company to furnish equipment and clothing IX.2
Condition of employment II.1
Confined during vacation due to sickness or injury IV.11
Continuous seniority VI.4
Contracting during layoff VI.2
Coverage for coffee breaks, lunch, etc III.11
Day off for father due to birth of child V.8
Deduction of dues initiation fees II.2
Discharge nor suspend without just cause I.5
Disciplinary steps I.5
Discrimination XIX.2,3
Discussing matters of mutual concern VII.3g.
Distribution of overtime III.2
Dues Check-Off II.2
Earned Rest Policy XII.5
Emergency Call-Outs III.4
Employees to whom this contract applies I.2
Employees subpoenaed IX.5
Essential functions III.6b
Extension of probation VI.1
Filling of vacancies and notice to Union VI.6
First aid kits IX.3
Floating Holidays – seven (7) day notice V.7
Floating Holiday refusals V.7
Funeral Leave XII.1.C
Grievance procedure VII.3a.b.c
Grievances: timely filing I,5(New)
Holiday pay when work is performed outside
regularly scheduled work week V.5
Holiday pay (not working) V.3
Holiday pay (when working) V.4
Holiday occurs during vacation week IV.10
Holidays observed V.1.2
“Just Cause” I.5
Layoff procedure – bumping rights VI.2
Leave of absence I.8
Life Insurance XIII.2
“Loyalty” clause I.2
Lunch III.1
Management’s Rights I.3
Mandatory Overtime III.4a
Martin Luther King Day V.7
Medical insurance premium contributions:
Active employee rates XIII.2
Medical insurance premium contributions:
Pre-Medicare eligible employees XIII.1
Member of the Union employed in any official capacity
by the Union shall not lose his/her seniority I.9
Member of the Union acting in any official capacity I.4
Military Service seniority, vacation pay XII.4
Must obey request of supervisor unless unusual or
extremely hazardous X.3
Negotiating Committee VII.2.
Negotiating w/rank & file employees – restriction XVIII.2
Negotiations, grievances, and arbitrations VII
No strike or lockout VIII.1
No legal action without prior notice and opportunity to
correct cause of complaint VIII.2
Non-discrimination XIX
Normal work week III.1
Not required to operate unsafe equipment IX.4a
Not required to cross picket lines X.1
Not required to perform work of striking employees X.2
Notice of change of reporting time and place III.8
Notification of absence from work XI
Observance of Columbus Day – Independence Day V.1.2
“Official Union Capacity” I.4
On call pay III.5
Overtime III.2
Past practice clause XVIII.1
Pay rate/job classification changes III.3
Performance reviews III.3
Physician Letter XII.1.C
Probationary employees VI.1
Processing time from grievance to arbitration VII.3f
Proficient performance III.3
Progression III.3b
Protection of Rights X
Red circling with 20 – 30 years of service III.12
Regular employees VI.1
Reporting unsafe equipment/vehicles IX.4b
Requests for individual days IV.9
Requests for vacation – by seniority IV.9
Retiree Medical Insurance XIII.1
Retirement XIII
Retirement Plan XIII.3
Revocation of drivers’ license IX.4b
Rights and obligations of a steward VII.1a
Safety Committee meeting time paid IX.2
Safety Committee makeup IX.1
Savings Plan – 401k XIII.4
Scaffold Pay XIV.1
Seniority VI.1
Seniority: Department List VI.5
Seniority during leave of absence for union or
Municipal Office I.9
Seniority – breaks in time VI.6
Seniority shall prevail for advancement and promotion VI.5
Seniority does not apply to work assignments VI.5
Seniority list to be made available to Union VI.3
Shift differential III.7
Shift change procedure by seniority III.8
Shifts – 10 hour III.1
Sickness, disability, and other allowed time XII
Sickness, disability, physician letter XII.I.C
Sickness & disability, ten (10) additional weeks for major illness XII.2
Sixty (60) day preclusion from bidding VI.6
Sleep (rest) time XII.5
Stormy weather III.6
Strikes & Lockouts: restrictions VIII.1
Subcontracting – allowed work XV.2
Subcontracting — restrictions XV.1
Successor or assign I.6
Sunday premium pay III.8
Supervisors will not perform I.2
Temporary assignment to lower classification III.11
Temporary workers II.1
Temporary hiring VI.1
Temporary assignment to higher classification III.11
Temporary upgrade to Chief Distribution Fitter III.11
Temporary filling of vacancy for twenty (20) days VI.6
Temporary shift change three days notice III.8
Ten (10) hour shifts III.1
Ten (10) additional weeks for major illness XII.1
Ten (10) day notice of shift changes III.8
Right to hire, to suspend or discharge for proper cause I.3
Time off – birth of child V.8
Time off for Union business I.7
Transfer, promote, demote I.3
Transfer of employees – red circling with general increase III.11
Transfers III.11-A-B
Two and one-half times pay for emergency call on holiday V.6
Two and one-half times pay beyond
eight (8) hours on a holiday V.4
Unable to perform functions or duties – red circling
without general increases III.11
Uniforms XVI
Union seniority distribution VI.5
Unreasonable delay (grievance response) VII.3e
Unsafe equipment: reporting/not operating IX.4
Vacation staffing requirements V.7
Vacations not extended beyond calendar year IV.9
Weeks of sick time XII.1
Workers compensation IV.9
Workers compensation XII.1.C
Workers Compensation, Social Security,
Unemployment Insurance IX.6