Scope of Agreement

SECTION 1. The execution of this Agreement on the part
of the Employer, shall cover all employees of the Employer,
represented by the Union at the time of certification of the
National Labor Relations Board.

The operations covered by this Agreement shall constitute a
single bargaining unit.

SECTION 2. Employees covered by this Agreement shall be
construed to mean those employees working in classifications
set forth in the Wage Schedule of this Agreement, or any
supplement hereto (including the Agreements attached hereto
as Supplements), or any other classifications mutually agreed
on by the parties during the life of this Agreement.

The employees to whom this contract applies are all fulltime
and regular part-time production and distribution and
commercial office (customer accounting) employees, including
meter readers and operations dispatchers, employed by the
general accounting division employees, sales department
employees, executives, secretaries to executives and guards,
professional employees and supervisors as defined in the
National Labor Relations Act.

It is understood that supervisors will not perform any work that
is assigned to employees covered by this Agreement except
for the purpose of training, demonstration, safety education, or

The Union will see to it that its members individually and
collectively perform loyal and efficient work and service and
use their influence and best efforts to protect the property of the
Company and the Company’s interest and cooperate with the
Company and all its employees in promoting and advancing
the welfare of the Company and its service at all times. The
Company will cooperate with the Union in its efforts to promote
harmony and efficiency. The Company and the Union agree to
cooperate in implementing Company Conservation programs
with the goal of encouraging customers to conserve energy.

SECTION 3. MANAGEMENT RIGHTS: The Direction of the
employed personnel including the right to hire, to suspend, or
discharge for proper cause, to transfer (employees to other
employment covered by this Agreement), promote, or demote,
and the right to relieve employees from duty because of lack of
work, or for other legitimate reasons is vested exclusively in the
Company, provided that this will not be used for the purpose of
discrimination against any employee. In exercising these rights,
the Company will act in accordance with the provisions of this

SECTION 4. Any employee member of the Union acting in any
official capacity whatsoever shall not be discriminated against
for his/her acts as such officer of the Union so long as such acts
do not interfere with the conduct of the Employer’s business, nor
shall there be any discrimination against any employee because
of his/her Union membership or activities.

SECTION 5. The Employer shall not discharge nor suspend
any employee without just cause, but with respect to discharge
or suspension, shall give at least one (1) reminder notice of the
complaint against such employee to the employee in writing,
and a copy of same to the Union, except that no reminder
notice be given to any employee before he/she is suspended
or discharged, if suspension or discharge is for just cause. The
disciplinary steps as herein provided shall remain in effect as

• oral reminder: nine (9) months;
• written reminders: twelve (12) months;
• decision-making leaves: (1 working day unpaid),
Two (2) years

Each disciplinary action shall be removed from the employee’s
personnel file after the designated time has been reached
without further infraction and retained in a separate file for a
period equal to three years. Discharge must be by proper written
notice to the employee and the Union. Any employee may
request an investigation as to his/her discharge or suspension.
Should such investigation prove an injustice has been done to
any employee, he/she shall be reinstated.

Appeal to the grievance procedure from discharge, suspension,
or reminder notices must be processed in accordance with
Article VII, Section 3.

SECTION 6. This Agreement shall be binding upon and shall
inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective
successors and assigns.

The Employer agrees to require any successor or assign to
comply with the provisions of this Agreement for its remaining
term without reduction of any of the wage rates, benefits, or
working conditions contained herein. Upon agreement by
the successor or assign to assume the obligations of this
Agreement, the Employer shall have no further obligation
hereunder to the Union or to the employees covered by this

SECTION 7. The Employer agrees to grant the necessary and
reasonable time off, without discrimination or loss of seniority
rights, to any bargaining unit member designated by the Union
to attend a labor convention or serve in any capacity on other
official Union business. The time off will be paid as UBA (Union
Business Authorized) and billed to the Union monthly. The Union
agrees to provide notice specifying the length of the time off.
The Union agrees that, in making its request for time off for
Union activities, due consideration shall be given to the number
of members affected in order that there shall be no disruption
of the Employer’s operation due to lack of available employees.

The Company agrees not to be arbitrary or capricious in
denying any such request. Time off for grievance investigations
or meetings with management will continue to be paid as UBD
(Union Business Department), except where such activity
involves the participation of Human Resources representatives,
in which case it will be paid as UBI (Union Business Industrial
Relations). In neither case will such time be billed to the Union.

SECTION 8. Any Employee desiring a leave of absence from
his/her employment shall secure written permission from both
the Local Union and Employer. The maximum leave of absence
shall be for thirty (30) calendar days or such time as provided
by law and may be extended for like periods. Permission for
extension must be secured from both the Local Union and
Employer. During the period of absence, the employee shall
not engage in gainful employment. Failure to comply with this
provision shall result in the complete loss of seniority rights for
the employee(s) involved. Inability to work because of proven
sickness or injury shall not result in the loss of seniority rights.

SECTION 9. Any member of the Union employed in any official
capacity by the Union shall not lose his/her seniority with the
Company. At any given time, no more than one employee of the
Company may be permanently employed by the Union which
represents CNG employees under this agreement, in an official
capacity, locally or nationally. That employee shall, upon being
relieved of their official position with the Union, if within a period
not exceeding six (6) years from the date on which they leave
the Company, be entitled to be reinstated in the position they
held at the time of taking such official position with the Union or
a comparable position, and shall be entitled to their full seniority
rights as though they had been employed by the Company

Any employee who accepts an elective municipal or state
office shall be granted an unpaid personal leave of absence
for not more than two (2) consecutive terms of such office.
Upon reapplication for his/her original position at the expiration
of such term or terms of office, he/she shall be reinstated to
his/her original or a similar position with equivalent pay and
accumulated seniority, unless the employers’ circumstances
have so changed as to make it impossible or unreasonable to
do so.