Membership, Security, and Check-off

SECTION 1. It shall be a condition of employment that all
employees of the Employer covered by this Agreement, who
are members of the Union in good standing on the effective or
execution date of this Agreement, shall remain in good standing.
It also shall be a condition of employment that all employees
hired on or after its effective or execution date, whichever is
later, shall on the sixth (6) month following the beginning of such
employment become and remain members in good standing in
the Union.

Good standing for the purpose of this Agreement shall be
interpreted to mean the payment or tender of Union initiation
fees and monthly dues uniformly required as a condition of
acquiring or retaining membership in the Union.

Individuals hired as temporary under Article VI, Section 1 who
after working six (6) cumulative months over a five (5) year
period will be required to pay monthly Union dues, will be moved
to the bottom of the classification to which they were hired, and
will progress through the classification as described in Article III,
Section 3b. Such temporary employees will not become eligible
for the benefits afforded under this Agreement and will not be
required to begin payment of the initiation fees, until such time
as the Company, in its discretion, hires him/her as a regular
employee. In the event of hiring, seniority would commence as
of the date he/she was moved to the bottom of the classification
to which they were hired. Summer temporary help working
between June through August and temporary employees
working to hold jobs open for sick employees are not included.

SECTION 2. The Employer agrees to deduct from the pay of all
members covered by this Agreement where written authorization
is furnished by the Local Union, the dues, initiation fees, and/or
uniform assessments of the Local Union having jurisdiction
over such employees and agrees to remit to said Local Union
all such deductions prior to the end of the month for which the
deduction is made. Where laws require written authorization by
the employee, the same is to be furnished in the form required.
Where an employee who is on check-off is not on the payroll
during the week in which the deduction is to be made or has no
earnings or insufficient earnings during that week or is on leave
of absence, the employee must make arrangements with the
Local Union to pay such dues in advance.

The Employer will recognize authorization for deductions from
wages, if in compliance with state law, to be transmitted to the
Local Union or to such other organizations as the Union may
request if mutually agreed to. No such authorization shall be
recognized if in violation of State or Federal law. No deduction
shall be made which is prohibited by applicable law.
The Union shall indemnify and save the Company harmless
against any claims, demands, suits or other forms of liability that
may arise out of or by reason of action taken with the above
provisions of this Article of the Agreement or in reliance on any
authorization furnished to the Company in connection therewith.