Working Agreement

SECTION 1. The Company will pay one and one-half (1 ½ )
times the employee’s basic rate while engaged in working from
a suspended scaffolding or boatswain chair.

SECTION 2. The Company agrees that no employee on the
payroll as of 12/1/2011 will be laid off for lack of work during the
term of this Agreement.

SECTION 3. The Company agrees that in an effort to promote
good communication between parties, when practicable,
documents that are to be signed, exchanged or become part
of the record will be provided in hard copy and also as an
electronic file in PDF format.

SECTION 4. If the Employer utilizes an employee’s occupational
license and/or CDL in the performance of the employee’s job,
the Company will pay all license renewal fees associated with
the license and/or endorsements. License renewal, testing, and
physicals will be conducted on Company time. License testing
fees will be reimbursed to the employee upon successfully
passing the test.