SECTION 1. For the purpose of preserving work and job
opportunities for the employees covered by this agreement,
the Employer agrees that no work or service of the kind,
nature, or type covered by, presently performed, or hereafter
assigned to the collective bargaining unit will be subcontracted,
transferred, leased, assigned, or conveyed in whole or in part
to any other plant, person, or nonunion employees, unless
otherwise provided in this Agreement and is presently being
subcontracted. The Company will discuss any additional
subcontracting with the Union prior to subcontracting such work.

SECTION 2. The work normally performed by the Distribution
Division employee will be done by the Company insofar as it is
practical to do so. The Company reserves the right to contract
for such work when, in the judgment of the Company, special
equipment is required or a time limitation is involved.
However, when a contractor or contractors are engaged in
such work, normally performed by Company employees, in any
calendar year, Distribution Division employees, who held such
eligible positions on December 1, 2001, and any employee hired
or transferred into the Distribution Division through January 1,
2003, will be guaranteed a minimum of thirty-four (34) eight
(8) hour Saturdays in the calendar year scheduled at the
Company’s discretion.

If all such eligible employees do not elect to work the offered
Saturdays, the Company will offer such work to those individuals
who are not considered eligible within the Distribution Street
Division. The number of non-eligible employees selected
to work the offered Saturdays will be the difference of those
eligible employees who elected to work and the total number of
Distribution Street Division eligible employees.

The number of eligible employees is defined as those
employees whom are considered eligible as of March 1st of that

For calendar year 2014 the number eligible is 31 Distribution

Notification of the scheduling of such Saturdays shall take place
no later than the Tuesday prior and employees will have fortyeight
(48) hours to accept or decline such offered work. In the
event that stormy weather is predicted for Saturday, the day will
be banked by the end of the workday on Friday for the affected
individuals. If, once work has commenced, the Union designee
decides that the weather has become stormy, the employees
will stop work and will be paid only for the hours worked. The
remainder of the day will not be banked.